Paranormal Personnel Saga

It's a short novella written from Nathaniel's point of view, can be read as stand alone or a prequel to £6.19 per Witching Hour (Paranormal Personnel Saga # 1) 

I am a Dhampir — half vampire and half human. When my father died he was brought back to life by a vampire. He returned to my human mother as a vampire, and nine months later I was born. 

Thoughts about Julia had corrupted my mind to the point that I couldn’t function. Since Isabelle, I’d avoided getting involved in a real relationship, keeping things to sex only. I had my routine and women who wanted to sleep with me. But now I didn’t want other women; I only wanted Julia.

Julia Taylor works as a recruitment consultant for Paranormal Personnel in London. Her normal day at the office consists of seeing clients, searching for new vacancies, updating CVs and visiting employers.

It seems as though she has an ordinary life but in reality Julia is half elf and she works for a recruitment agency for paranormals. Day to day Julia attempts to find work for fairies, vampires, witches, hags, wizards, mermaids, elves, giants and trolls. 

She is normally calm, confident and is not afraid to stand up for herself, but when the meeting with La Caz Corporation doesn’t go as well as she hoped, she wants to bury herself under the ground and die. 

Nathaniel La Caz is a player and he wants to seduce Julia. The incredible sexual chemistry that builds up between them complicates her life to the point where she can’t control her magic. La Caz not only wants her but he also has a craving for her blood. Then her ex-boyfriend Jasper comes back on the scene and nearly exposes the whole paranormal world to humans when trying to protect her.

It doesn't end well when vampires and elves mix. The problems start escalating when elves and fairies begin to vanish in London without trace and the police suspect vampires. This can never end well for Julia but she just gets on with her extraordinary job and keeps her abilities under the radar. 
*Adult Paranormal Romance, contains graphic sexuality, violence and harsh language, It is only suitable for ages 18+*

Julia is determined to forget about her recent break up and just move on, but this doesn’t come easy when she have to deal with her ex-boyfriend’s company every day. 

When her regional manager Rufus, asks her to attend a networking event she can’t wait to break the routine and just have some fun. The same night he disappears and Nathaniel La Caz who was supposed to be in Switzerland interrupts Julia’s sales pitch. 

Yet again Julia can’t control her magic and Nathaniel insists that he wants her back. Her mind screams no, but the flames of desire are instantly rekindled. 

Moreover her best friend Ella witnesses a terrible crime and becomes immune to the memory spell. Apart from dealing with kidnapping, knocking out rapists in the dark alley and just getting on with life itself Julia discovers that her regional manager had been kidnapped. The rival agency is ready to take over the contract with La Caz Corporation and Ella wants nothing to do with her. 

Soon she is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. 

Can she find happiness with a half vampire when everyone else is against it? 

*Adult Paranormal Romance, contains graphic sexuality, violence and harsh language, It is only suitable for ages 18+*


  1. Hi, I just wanted to say that I loved this book and I can't wait for the next book in the series!!! I am going to post a review on my blog and on Amazon ;)

    brandyzbooks at yahoo dot com

  2. Thank you! I really appreciate it :)

  3. This was such a fun and interesting book! Can not wait until the next one ready to read

  4. Loved this book. Great story line...I hope the next one is soon.

  5. This was a great read. Any update on the release of Past the Witching Hour?

  6. Thank you all, I had major delays with Past the Witching hour, but I'm hoping that it's all going to be ready by the end of December. I'll update the blog post soon :)

  7. Omg I just fell in luv with these books .... please tell me u will re,ease the next book son!!!!

  8. Just finished the third book please tell me there's a fourth!

  9. OMG Just finished the 3rd book. I love them. Can't wait til Dec. I want them to stop screwing around and finally get it together!!